Helps reduce inflammation and keeps the skin, gut, and body calm and soothed

Every health, skin and hair issue stems from inflammation in the body. Poor diet, Environmental factors and wrong lifestyle habits trigger inflammation. But, it can be controlled to a large extent with corrective nutrition. RA Defence is fortified with traditional ingredients like ginger, turmeric, piperine, milk Thistle and beta carotene. All these synergistically reduce inflammation and let the body be in the pink of health which reflects as glowing skin & shiny hair.

1,400.00 Inc GST 18%

What if we told you there is a constant war being waged within our bodies? By now, with a proliferation of degenerative diseases and exposure to treatment methods, you are likely to believe that. As a medical professional (read dermatologist), Dr Shetty finds that a lot more people now keep an open mind and assimilate analyses of health and skin conditions more easily.