Keeps your skin youthful, dewy and hydrated

Skin looking dull, dry, dehydrated and aged? Can happen – lifestyle and/ or ageing, can rob skin of its radiance and make it dull and dry.

RA Hydrate, enriched with Collagen Peptide, restores skin elasticity and makes it appear youthful. Sodium Hyaluronate preserves/restores moisture and provides firmness and makes skin plump, leading to lesser lines and wrinkles. Alpha Lipoic Acid, an anti ageing anti-oxidant keeps skin smooth, firm and wrinkle-free. Lutein and Zeaxanthin adds on to improving hydration, lipid content and offer protection from UV damage.

So, its time to keep your skin youthful and dewy with RA Hydrate.

2,400.00 Inc GST 18%

Our skin can be compared to the earth’s surface in many ways. Our skin, just like the surface of the Earth, holds inside it a myriad of things. But at the end of the day, what we see, which is both; an indication of what is going on inside and what is going on outside, is the Surface- Our Skin.

Therefore, it becomes very important to take both internal and external care.

What holds soil particles together without cracks ? Water content. That same element is essential for our skin too, to remain crack-free, soft, youthful, healthy & dewy.

Did you know that soil particles also need an organic substance called soil glue, which is basically a protein to bind them together?

Similarly, drinking ample amount of water a day is not sufficient, our body need assistance (more with age) to retain back and hold together the moisture. That’s where Dr. Rashmi Shetty decided to step in and formulate RA HYDRATE; the supplement for healthy, hydrated, youthful, supple and dewy skin.