ON 10-JAN-2020

Moving to 2020 self care habits one should embrace for a glowing skin

We cannot believe that it is 2020. 2019 was a great year for us. In this amazing year, we not just launched our website which brought your favorite supplements online, but also received a lot of love from you during the launch of our new supplement, Ra Primerose+.

Needless to say, we are super excited about the new year and have already started following our resolutions with a special focus on self care. Why self care, you ask? Well, while hustling to make a mark in life, our mental and physical health often takes a backseat which leads to various health concerns and slows down our progress. Taking some time out for yourself aids us to be in the pink and enables us to strive for excellence with more energy.

Speaking of self care, one of the important aspects of it is taking care of the skin. Here is a list of habits that we recommend for you to embrace a glowing skin:

  • Keep Stress At Bay
    Your mental health is often associated with your physical appearance. When you are stressed, it easily shows on your face and it eventually leads to skin related concerns like fine lines, loss of skin glow, uneven skin and skin breakouts. So this new year, make an additional effort to practice mindfulness and keep your stress at bay. You can do so by making sure that you take adequate breaks in between work and practice yoga and meditate daily.
  • Keep a sunscreen handy
    It is a well known fact that exposure to sun has adverse effects on the skin. The harmful UV rays from the sun causes skin aging, skin pigmentation and even skin cancer. Thus, it becomes extremely important to protect our skin from UV exposure. For complete sun protection:
    – Always keep sunscreen handy in your bag

-Reapply sunscreen every two hours when outside

-Avoid going out between 10am to 4pm when the rays are the strongest

  • Invest in a good skincare routine
    Having a skin care routine can be therapeutic. The first step to having a skincare routine is identifying your skin type and consulting a good dermatologist. Once you have figured out what works best for your skin with the help of your doctor, all you need to do is follow the routine set by her everyday without fail. While you are following your skincare regime, make sure to moisturise regularly and go to bed only after washing your makeup.

And what’s our mantra for a good skincare routine? In the words of Dr. Rashmi Shetty, it is Cleanse, Protect and Nourish.

  • Get that beauty sleep
    In the times of social media and OTT platforms,sleep often takes a backseat. But what we fail to understand is that our body needs adequate rest to function properly and trading sleep for a few hours of entertainment may have serious repercussions on our health and eventually on our skin. So don’t forget to get your beauty sleep of at least 7 hours everyday.
  • Indulge in a healthy Diet
    While you are working hard to achieve your dreams, do not forget to eat a balanced diet. Make sure to include fruits, vegetables and proteins in your diet. Remember only when you are healthy from within is when your skin will glow and emit your radiance perfectly.

    You can also have a health buddy who can take this resolution together with you. Seeing your health buddy follow a healthy diet would definitely encourage you to follow one yourself.

  • Take that extra help from supplements
    We understand that it is difficult to consume nutritious food everyday, especially when we are living in times when our food is often adulterated. We at Solskin have a range of supplements that helps your body every single day to fight common skin and hair concerns and equip it to fight the damage caused by the stress and pollution of our fast paced lives. You can choose your favorite supplements to give your body that extra help to lead a healthy life.
  • Journal your progress
    We all know after the initial excitement, keeping resolutions slowly becomes a difficult task as the year progresses. You can add one more habit to your list i.e. journaling. And how will this help? Noting down your progress only serves as an inspiration to continue doing what you started doing and encourages you to work harder to achieve better results. So do invest in a good journal this year.

We hope that you embark your journey into the new decade with the self care habits mentioned by us. Let us know in the comments section below, the habits that you will include in your lifestyle in 2020.