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Helps with issues related to
PMS, PCOS and Menopause

Healthy Inside, Glowing Outside

Solskin aims to bring to you the most trustworthy, reliable, and life-changing products that you
can integrate into your routine to allow you to reach your optimum skin, hair and body health.


Beauty for sure shows on skin and hair; but internal wellbeing is where it all begins. Which is why I decided to put together the best essential ingredients and create a line of beauty supplements to take care of your beauty needs! Supplements should be a part of your skin/hair care routine thus making it an integral part of your well being and upkeep.

Lots of Love,
Continue to glow….


Solskin Corp believes in being healthy from inside in order to glow on the outside. Hence, our first line of products are nutritional beauty supplements. These were formulated and created by world renowned dermatologist, Dr. Rashmi Shetty who recognised the lack of expert driven reliable beauty supplements in India and decided to create her own.



“Thank you Dr. Rashmi Shetty and Solskin for making my life so simple with all the supplements I need packaged together. All the antioxidants I need are sorted. #Mypackofglow”

Rakul Preet Kaur

Indian Film Actress

“For everyone who asks me for skin secrets… While a lot of it is genetics, I do still give my skin a lot of #TLC in the form of vitamins and supplements… if you’re healthy and happy it’s going to show on your skin. Secret 1 – Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate on loop! Skin Hydrate by Solskin and Dr Rashmi Shetty. My priority for glowing skin. ”

Aditi Rao Hydari

Indian Film Actress

“RA DEFENCE has become one of my favourite supplements. It makes my body and skin feel so much healthier. Nothing like taking care of yourself from within.”

Shruti Haasan

Indian Film Actress and Singer


Sonam Bajwa

Indian Actress

“I swear by RA skin supplements. Thank you Dr. Rashmi Shetty for taking care of my skin like no body else. Guys you can buy these supplements from Solskin.”

Ritika Singh

Indian Actress and Mixed Martial Artist

“I absolutely love all the RA Skin and Hair supplements. But Defence is my most favourite. It makes my skin healthier and body’s repair system stronger”

Miss Malini

Founder, Miss Malini Entertainment

“Defence- literally saving my skin. Thank you for the acne rescue and relief”

Sajini Ramesh

“As a wildlife photographer I subject my skin to extreme dust, heat and cold. If not for Dr. Rashmi Shetty and these miracle pills (RA Supplements), I’d be beyond repait.”


“ I have been using RA supplements for a while now as an addition to your lifestyle, and it helps your skin to do its thing properly and, of course, enhance your natural glow. Do your skin a favour and buy them now!”

Medha Tyagi

Indian Film Actress and Model

“I’m such a fan of RA products! Am currently taking RA Hydrate, and I recently found that I can’t do without it anymore! My 49 year old face looks better now than it did at 30!”

Michelle Roncon

“Thanks to Dr. Rashmi Shetty I got introduced to Solskin and RA Anagen to help stop hair loss. Went to the salon for hair colouring and the stylist was amazed at the results of the supplements within 45 days. For a person who has fine hair and scanty hair genes, I finally found something that can help prevent loss of hair and then there’s also actual proof of concept, each time I visit the salon! So love you Solskin and thank you for having just the perfect solution for me”

Toral Sanghavi

Communications and Branding

“Dr. Rashmi Shetty prescribed RA Skin Bright to me. This is a genuine review. I’ve never been this happy with me skin! It’s definitely brighter but also the texture of the skin has majorly improved! My skin has been through a lot since the past year. I wasn’t expecting this major results but I’m definitely very impressed and of course happy. Thank you Solskin and Dr. Rashmi Shetty for saving my skin and literally transforming it!!”

Aanchal Sukhramani

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