We have put together the frequently asked Questions on supplements here for you. Please write to us at solskin.ra@gmail.com in case of further queries.

I am a pregnant woman; can I take supplements?

If your gynaecologist approves of the supplements, you can take them.

Is there a minimum age for supplements intake?

Children below the age of 14 must take a paediatrician’s consent before use

Any health-related norms I should be aware of before taking the Solskin supplements?

If you are under any other medication or suffering from any ailment, please consult respective doctor before use

If you have any allergies to food substances, please go through the ingredient list before use these are supplements and not medicines, hence not a complete cure for any issue

How soon can I start seeing results?

Time period before visible change differs from person to person and is affected by various factors. To see an appreciable change, regular use for 3 months is required.

Ideally, how long should we use? 1 month or 3 months?

Three months is an optimum period. If you do have deficiency of any particular type you may need more but maintenance is what it is that you are taking supplements for, it is like exercise or like every other good habit that you have. Along with good food you do need certain supplements.

Can I order Ra Hydration supplements without prior consultation?

Of course you can have, it’s a food supplement. If you think you have a dry skin or if you simply want to maintain the youthful plump skin, you can order Ra Hydrate without any prior consultation and if you go through a little on detail about the ingredients and what it is for, you could get to learn more about it on Ra Hydrate supplement section.

My daughter is 10years, can she take Ra Hydrate and Ra Anagen supplements?

Hello, yes she can take both but one a day is more than enough. She can take Ra Hydrate one in the morning and Ra Anagen one at night.

Is there any side effects of Ra defence tablets? And in how many days can we see transformation?

Ra Defence is an anti inflammatory supplement and hence there is no side effects at all. You could take it one every morning on an empty stomach and continue for as long as you want.

Do we have to consult a Doctor or you personally before taking the supplement? How are they available?

For taking supplements you don’t need to come and consult any doctor or us. You will find a lot of information in detail about all the supplements on the website. You can decide on your own, basis the concerns that you may have. These supplements are multi-vitamin and micro-nutrients so absolutely no harm. However, choose them wisely.

I want to buy Ra supplements for my skin and hair, how can I order those?

The best way is to go through our website or log on to our instagram @solskincorp. You will find a lot of information in detail about each supplement. These supplements are multi-vitamin and micro-nutrients so absolutely no harm. Please note: Currently we only deliver in India.

Will I gain weight if we take 2 supplements like Anagen and Essential together?

No, none of our supplements cause any weight gain.

How many tablets are in each box?

There are 30 tablets in a box.

My supplements box was tampered with, what to do?

Please immediately get in touch with us on our Instagram page or write to us at solskin.ra@gmail.com

Hello, could you please prescribe me a good sunscreen for my skin? I have been using La Shield but it breaks me out and makes my skin dark, I have extremely dry skin. Also, please help me with how to order sunscreen from your site. My skin is very sensitive. If I go out in the sun, within a few minutes it gets red and dull.

We do not sell any sunscreens yet. However, we can suggest you some supplements that can help with your concern. When skin reacts like that to the sun, the root cause is inflammation. Ra Defence is an anti-inflammatory supplement that helps reduce the reaction and stops the skin from getting red and irritated. We also have Ra Bright which is a combination of antioxidants that help the body fight free radicals. One of the causes of free radicals is sun exposure and can be very damaging to the skin. Not only does Bright protect the skin from that, it also helps undo damage to the skin that has already happened – making the skin brighter, lighter and more glowing.

How to take these supplements?

The Ra Supplements are tablets. You can either swallow them with water or you can even crush them and have.