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Winter Care and Supplements

Winter might be known as the most wonderful time of the year, but our skin often tends to disagree. The cold weather not only leads to dehydrated skin but also makes our complexion look dull. While there are plenty of skincare products which help your skin glowing, we at SolSkin love the idea of keeping it healthy from the inside with healthy supplements and some easy-to-follow remedies that have multiple benefits and no side effects.

Here’s how you can strengthen your hair, skin and body through the coolest time of the year:

Keep your skin moisturised:

What to take: Ra Skin Hydrate

Hydrating your skin inside out is the key to keep it healthy in winters. You can start with a few basic things like choosing the right moisturiser for your skin type and drinking adequate amounts of water which helps to replenish the skin tissue. Follow this up by taking Ra Skin Hydrate every day to bring back lost moisture and stimulate blood flow to the skin. Ra Skin Hydrate supplement not only boosts the hydration deep down to the inner layers of the skin but it also stimulates collagen. It puts the bounce back into your skin and is a long lasting solution.

Ra Skin Hydrate Supplement is enriched with Collagen Peptide, restores skin elasticity and Lutein and Zeaxanthin adds on to improving hydration and lipid content.

How to take: 1 tablet per day after breakfast

Word of caution: Winter brings with it the holiday and party season. Amidst all the joy and celebration, we end up indulging in drinking, smoking and eating a whole lot of sugary food which immediately dehydrates us and eventually breaks collagen. Your priority should be to keep your skin well moisturised.
Protection from UV damage
What to take: Ra Skin Bright + Ra Skin Hydrate
It is a common misconception that the sun isn’t too harsh during winters. Well, winter is no exception when it comes to our skin being exposed to harmful rays of the sun. So we must take measures to ensure protection from UV damage during winters. While applying sunscreen is a must, you can also take Ra Skin Hydrate and Ra Skin Bright. Ra Skin Bright combines 4 antioxidants namely Glutathione, Alpha-lipoic acid, Resveratrol and Astaxanthin. These ingredients work at cellular to fight radical damage and act as a shield against the UV damage caused not just by sun rays but electronic devices also.
Hair Fall and Irritated Scalp:

What to take: Ra Defence + Ra Anagen

Firstly, make sure you get the basics right first: eat and sleep well, exercise appropriately and manage your stress levels. Simultaneously, add a hand of help from Ra supplements.

Ra Defence is fortified with traditional ingredients like ginger, turmeric, piperine, milk Thistle and beta carotene which reflects into shiny hair; while Ra Anagen, our hair supplement works to reduce hair fall, strengthen hair follicles and improve hair health. It is full of beneficial amino acids, yeast, B vitamins, trace elements like zinc sulfate and melatonin which together work to repair and keep hair health at its peak.

How to take: 1 tablet per day

Fatty Acids for Gorgeous Hair and right Nutrition for the Body:

What to take: Ra Essentials

Omega-3 fatty acid is abundant with inflammatory properties which helps in opening up the hair follicles and promoting hair growth. It also prevents dry and flaky scalp which is a common problem for many in the winter season. Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids cannot be synthesised by our body and hence they have to be taken via a healthy diet or via supplements like Ra Essentials.

More: Magnesium Oxide present in Ra Essentials is a mineral supplement which is vital for healthy bones and muscles

How to take: 1 tablet per day

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  • Include Zinc in your diet
  • Take Vitamin E to reduce free radical stress on the hair

What’s in the kitchen: We swear by coconut oil which creates a barrier on the skin and makes sure it doesn’t lead to dryness. You can also mask your face with honey and banana for a hydrating after-effect. When it comes to hair, you can apply a paste of Fenugreek + lemon + coconut milk as a hair mask to treat dry scalp and hair.

What to avoid this season: Don’t shave regularly during this season as it can lead to more dryness and sensitivity. If really necessary, use a hair conditioner on your beard to soften the stubble. We suggest you use an alcohol and mint-free aftershave and apply moisturiser after shaving.

Disclaimer: Pregnant women and anyone on medication should always consult a doctor before taking supplements.

Happy Winters!