ON 03-FEB-2020

World of Collagen and its benefits

If you are a skin enthusiast then chances are that you have heard about the wonder protein; Collagen which can be considered as one of the significant building blocks of our skin. Dubbed as the Fountain of Youth for centuries, cultures across the world have believed that Collagen prolongs youthful skin and keeps age related issues at bay.

But like they say good things don’t last, even Collagen production reduces drastically post the age of 25. Apart from this, external factors like excessive sun exposure, smoking and high sugar diet also contributes towards breaking it. Both these internal and external factors reduce the collagen content in our body which ultimately gives rise to a lot of health issues that particularly arise with age. Do you need to worry? Well, No!

Today, there are new and improvised ways to replenish it. There is no denying that a nutritious meal with protein rich foods like meat, eggs and dairy products, greens and citrus fruits play a huge role in spiking collagen production naturally. But often, due to busy schedules and lack of access to proper meals, one misses on getting adequate nutrition. In such cases, one can opt for collagen supplements that has become the go to pills for most hustlers today. These supplements take a holistic approach and address a whole gamut of health concerns. Some of them are listed below:

  • Improves Skin Health
    One of the major components of our skin is Collagen which gives the skin its elasticity, resilience and durability. Collagen Supplements slow down the aging process and reduce occurrences of wrinkles and fine lines. They also keep the skin hydrated and replace and restore dead skin cells.
  • Relieves Joint Pain
    Cartilages present in joints are connecting tissues that ensure smooth movement of joints. As we age, these cartilages deteriorate and cause joint  issues. Collagen supplements help prevent the deterioration of cartilages and gives much needed relief from joint pain.
  • Boosts Muscle Mass
    Collagen enhances the strength of the muscles and ensures that they function properly. It also stimulates muscle growth which in turn boosts muscle mass.
  • Promotes Heart Health
    Collagen helps reduce risk of heart ailments and promote heart health by providing structure to arteries and increasing levels of good cholesterol.

Apart from the above mentioned benefits, collagen supplements are also known to maintain weight, gut health, mental health, healthy nails and hair growth. The key is to take them continuously to nurture both physical and mental health.

Do let us know in the comments below the measures you take to boost collagen.