ON 07-MAY-2020

Seven Skincare Essentials for Summer

The temperature is soaring outside and if you thought that your skin is protected now being indoors, you are sadly mistaken. Summer heat brings along with it a lot of challenges not just for the body but also for our skin. And whether you are indoors or outdoors; Dryness, Acne and Tan are the most common skin concerns that you may face. Hence, it is necessary to take adequate measures to take care of our skin in the hot summer months as well.

Here are the 7 must skincare essentials to give your summer skin some TLC:

  • Hydration
    Hydrate, Hydrate and Hydrate! We cannot stress enough on the importance of keeping yourself hydrated during summers. You can do the following to ensure your skin is hydrated:

    • Drink Water
      As cliche as it may sound, one must drink water at regular intervals. Water not only has a cooling effect on your body but it also helps your skin stay hydrated. This in turn aids in softening the fine lines and wrinkles and helps your skin ward off dullness which is a byproduct of dehydration.
    • Include water-bBased foods in your diet
      Apart from water, you can include water based foods like watermelon, orange, cucumber, berries, lettuce and healthy soups..
  • Stock up Summer Supplements
    As we keep saying, food supplements assist in supplementing your diet and help the body to fight external threats like free radicals. During summers, Ra Skin Bright acts as an internal sunscreen by protecting your skin from UV ray damage.
    Similarly Ra Skin Hydrate is a go to supplement that preserves and retains moisture and makes your skin look plump and youthful.
  • Invest in a good sunscreen and Lip Balm with SPF
    Whether you are stepping out or are at home, it is advisable to apply sunscreen during the day time. The sun rays are particularly harsh during the summers and since our windows and balconies do not protect us against them, it becomes all the more necessary to apply sunscreen indoors as well. We recommend using a matte sunscreen.

    Another thing that should be a part of your summer skincare kit is a Lip Balm with SPF. Lip and the area around the lip is prone to dehydration which in turn leads to skin sensitivity and pigmentation. A lip balm with SPF does two jobs at a time i.e. it keeps your lips hydrated and prevents further darkening of lips.

  • Switch to a light moisturiser
    Often mistaken as a winter skincare product, moisturiser is easily neglected during summers. Summer robs off your skin’s moisture and let’s not forget the increased exposure to air conditioning which increases skin dryness. We recommend that you switch to a light hydrating moisturiser during this season. Avoid the ones with thick creamy butter and oils as they can be heavy on the skin.
  • Choose face washes based on your skin type
    Come summer, we tend to sweat more than usual which along with skin secretions may clog your pores. Do clean your face regularly and opt for face washes based on your skin type.

    “If you have an oily skin then you can look for acid based face washes with salicylic, mandelic or glycolic acid. And if you have a dry skin then look for face washes which are hydrating, calming and soothing.” – says Dr Rashmi Shetty

  • Clean Scalp leads to Clean Skin
    A sweaty scalp clubbed with dirt can cause dandruff which in turn can fall on your face and back leading to acne. Hence it is advised to maintain your scalp health as well.
  • Less is More
    During summer, follow the less is more mantra when it comes to applying products like serums and makeup.

A Pro tip:

In the wake of the current pandemic, you may be applying dollops of sanitiser on your hand and washing hands regularly. While it is advisable to keep your hands clean, excessive washing can cause dryness.. Make sure to apply liberal amounts of hydrating moisturisers on your hands and to work in water which is at room temperature.

What is your go to summer skincare essential? Let us know in the comments below.