ON 09-JUN-2020

Tips to Take Care of Your Hair During Lockdown

The era of the Coronavirus outbreak has turned our world upside down. Besides being confined at home, one must take special care of one’s health and hygiene to stay healthy and strong.

Since the lockdown has also curtailed our access to salons, we must begin self-care from home. This is true for hair care also. Instead of feeling bogged down by being homebound, we can devote more time to hair care than usual.

Simply oiling and shampooing regularly is not enough for keeping up your beautiful tresses. One should take up many other ways to gain gorgeous hair  at home.

Here are some hair care tips in lockdown:

Hot Oil Massage

This is a tip handed down from grandma. It is highly useful to nourish our scalp from most deep within. As a result, this therapy offers healthy hair by providing hydration and stimulating follicles of hair.

Spa Treatment with Hot Towel

It is relatively unknown that for best nourishing of hair along with hot oil therapy is to wrap a hot towel around your head. You must dip your towel in warm water and after straining the water, wrap it around your head. Allow to keep for 6 to 10 minutes and then rinse. It is good to use this spa treatment after oil massage.

Not Enough to Shampoo

Even while using paraben-free products, hair care is not limited to shampooing. In fact, shampoo strips away moisture from your hair, and for this problem, you must use highly popular, nourishing hair masks, straight after rinsing with shampoo. You can use natural conditioners like curd and a raw egg.

Go for Hair Serum

To avoid hair frizz, it helps to use hair serum. Additionally, the serum instantly provides shiny, smooth and tangle-free hair.

Avoid Blow Drying

When you are bound at home, treating your hair with blow dryers and other tools of hairstyling like gel, curler, straightener, etc. must be avoided. Provide a total detox to your hair and scalp for a few days in the lockdown period. Avoid blow-drying after rinsing hair and any other heat for your hair.

Do Not Wet Comb

Earlier, when we had a hurried schedule, we used to comb our hair in a hurry. Now that we have plenty of time during the lockdown, you should permit your hair to dry up slowly and naturally and then do some gentle dry combing. But if still you want to comb wet then follow this expert tip – comb your hair using wide teeth comb in the shower while your conditioner is soaking in. The conditioner softens the knots of your hair and makes it easier for you to comb your hair without puling on knots and causing hairfall.

Steps for Hair Care

Besides these tips, there are some steps for hair care during Covid:

  • Brush hair properly

Ensure that your hair has no knots and tangles. This a vital step to prevent breakage from other hair treatments, especially for long hair. But don’t brush too often.

  • Oil hair

Use oil, particularly coconut oil, to keep hair healthy, nourished, and strong. Use onion containing oil to fight dandruff.

  • Shampoo hair

You must use the right product that matches your hair. Also, the right way to shampoo your hair is to apply it on the scalp gently and rinse. As the shampoo runs down your hair, it will wash away dirt and oil.

Remember, shampooing often is not a problem; infact, it is important to keep your scalp clean. What is not good is using too much shampoo. Minimise the amount of shampoo you use for every wash to reduce drying out your hair.

  • Condition hair

Conditioning your hair after shampooing is important for nourishing your hair and locking in the moisture. It must be applied to the hair lengths.

  • Use Hair mask

This must be used once a week, to nourish your hair. Hair masks containing Argan oil are liked by those who desire healthy and soft hair. Onion masks help in preventing hair loss.

  • Use heat protectants

These are products that must be used before applying hair styling tools like curlers, straighteners, or hair dryers. The oils and serums for hair care can protect the hair from styling products and minimize hair damage.

Along with these tips, you can also stop hair fall and improve hair health with the right supplements like RA ANAGEN from Solskin. Loaded with the goodness of amino acids, B vitamins, yeast, and trace elements like melatonin and zinc sulphate, it not only repairs, rebuilds, and brings back the shine of your hair but also helps to nourish your scalp.