You, inspire us!

Sol Skin aims to bring to you the most trustworthy, reliable, and life-changing products that you can integrate into your routine to allow you to reach your optimum skin, hair and body health.


We believe in genuine products that are essential and simple, with efficacious formulas and versatile benefits.

We love make up! But, all the world’s make up can’t conceal an unhealthy skin. Which is why we believe it is vital to keep up and optimize the health of your skin, hair and body. Cause there is no other glow that shines brighter than the glow that comes from health and internal well-being.


We want to provide you with the purest products that will make a real difference to you.

We strongly believe that leading the right lifestyle, with healthy food, exercise and a lot of happiness is of utmost importance.

But we also know it is not that easy to do so. Food is often contaminated with chemicals, or has lost its nutrition. Your body itself is exposed to so much damage and pollution. And regular exercise and happiness is often difficult with our fast-paced, stressful lives. Hence, we thought of bringing together products that help you – in combination with a healthy lifestyle – be the best version of yourself despite these roadblocks.